Fruit and Veg

We always have a glorious array of in season fruit and vegetables delivered daily and sourced locally where ever possible. We also stock a comprehensive range of in season and exotic fruit and vegetables from further a field including a selection of fresh herbs.

We offer fresh seasonal veg boxes all year round providing great value for money.

Seasonal delights

Local Quince

5 ways to use quince paste.

1, Spread onto crostini- Serve Crostini made with quince paste and blue cheese, walnuts and black pepper.

2, Rolled into pastry- Cut thawed pastry dough into 1 by 3 inch strips. Layer quince paste, goats cheese and chopped rosemary. Close into tube shapes. Bake at 350˚f until golden about 12 mins.

3, Glaze over meats - Fantastic to glaze baked meat dishes, like roast chicken or lamb shoulder. Whisk together the paste with stock and spread over meat.

4, Baked into desserts- Replace fruit

Preserves in cookies or fruit bars with quince paste.

5, Thinned into simple syrup- Combine quince paste and water in a small saucepan and heat over medium heat to create a thin, sweet syrup. Delicious with yogurt, cocktails and more.