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Our in store Fishmongers sell an exciting range of fresh fish and shellfish as well as a good selection of smoked fish. some of which is day boat, line caught from the South Coast. Seasonality and traceability are of huge importance to us. Fish is delivered daily so quality and freshness are always guaranteed. We also have fresh live or cooked Lobster to order.

We are sorry to say that the Fish Counter is not open on Sunday’s or Monday’s. This is due to the fact we are unable to get fresh deliveries on these days. We do sometimes have some fresh fish from Saturday’s delivery,  filleted and packed ready to go for you on Sunday’s, but we can not guarantee its availability every week. The Fish Counters week starts again on a Tuesday morning with a massive counter filling, as fresh as you can get, delivery.

Orders and special requests are very welcome, or come and chat to the fish boys and girls for inspiration! All fish will be ordered and prepared to your requirements. Please don’t ever be put off by the kilo price, we can weigh you the fish, you will be surprised that they are not that expensive.

If you don’t need all your fish tonight, speak to the team and they will bag up fish separately so you can easily pop it in the freezer for another time.

British Rock Oysters, cooked Lobsters and Langoustines

Frozen raw and cooked prawns, available in 1kg boxes
Frozen Black Tiger Prawns with heads on