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Gonalston Farm Shop Delicatessen

Gonalston Farm Shop’s Delicatessen has been voted Best Independent Cheese and Dairy Counter 2011, an award which was sponsored by Le Gruyere.

Our Delicatessen counter is one of the shops top attractions. It is the choices and ability to find individual preferences that makes the counter stand out. We stock over 100 varieties of hand crafted cheeses, focusing on local handmade farmhouse cheese and award winners. Also in the counter is a large array of cooked, cured meats and pates.
In addition to these amazing foods is our large selection of olives. These are all displayed loose so you can mix and match your personal selection.


Freshly Filled Rolls

For people on the go our Deli team make freshly filled rolls to takeaway from fillings of your choice.

Freshly Baked Paninis

With such a great range of ingredients at our finger tips we thought we must add freshly baked paninis to our takeaway list

Fresh Salad Boxes

Our fresh salad boxes are for those who fancy something fresh and light, but still packed full of beautiful flavoursome ingredients.

Fresh Coffee To Go From Stewarts of Trent Bridge

Stunning coffee from local roasters Stewart’s of Trent Bridge. From creamy Cappuccino to mouthwatering Mocha we can make them all.

Deli Takeaway Menu


Love cheese?

Planning a wedding or a big celebration?

Have you considered making a visual statement with a centre piece made from beautiful artisan cheeses.

Speak to us for advise from our very knowledgeable team to help design your perfect cheese celebration cake that suits your taste, theme and budget. With a huge range of award winning cheeses to pick from the sky’s the limit.

Delicatessen Cheese Wedding Cake


We have on our counter the most amazing Gruyère it is a 24 month matured Alpage cheese. This cheese is produced high in the mountains between June and September by small independent producers using very traditional methods.

The European Simmental breed of cattle has been in Switzerland since the middle ages, with a quiet easy going temperament, gold and white colour with light horns. A dual purpose fast growing breed suitable for beef and  excellent quality milk which is ideal for making cheese.  The cows are walked up to the Alpage around the end of June, always there by the 1st July, they stay there for three months, this is their main cheese making season, when grass is sweet with meadow flowers.

To produce the cheese the milk is heated in huge copper vats over open wood fires (see the photos below).  Heating the milk helps to produce a firmer longer lasting cheese that can have an extended maturation period.  Once whey is drained the curds are transferred into traditional cheese presses.  This where the last of the whey is squeezed out over the period of a day.

After pressing, the cheese goes to spend 10 days in a brine bath to help develop the distinctive Gruyere rind and to absorb the salts necessary to preserve the cheese.  From here the finished cheese is taken to cellars under the barn where the cows sleep to slowly mature for up to 2 years.

The end result is an amazing cheese that can rarely be found outside Switzerland but can be found in our deli counter.

Delicatessen Gruyere making 1 Delicatessen Gruyere making

Freshly Topped Stone Baked Pizza

Do not miss out on our crowd pleasing handmade pizzas. Now with our own home made sauce!
Pick from our menu or design your own toppings, then just place them in the oven!

Please click on the link below to download our Freshly Topped Stone Baked Pizza Menu.
Freshly Topped Stone Baked Pizza Menu

Delicatessen Takeaway Pizza