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Knowing exactly where the meat on your plate comes from is becoming increasingly important, that is why our butchery ensure that all the beef we sell is home reared on our farm, and our lamb and pork come from local farms.

The meat is dry aged on the bone for 21 to 42 days by our master butchers who continuously strive to offer you the very best quality products and service in house daily.


Why not try Ox Cheeks braised in Blue Monkey King Kong dark ale and add some black pudding for a rich intensity. How about giving this lovely recipe a try… Ox Cheeks in Dark Ale with Black Pudding

Black pudding is quickly becoming know as a new super food. This is because it is packed with protein, virtually carb free and rich in zinc and iron.


Boneless Leg of Pork 3kg £15.95 Should be £20.85 SAVE £4.90
Boneless Shoulder of Pork 3kg £14.95 Should be £17.85 SAVE £3.00
Bone In Shoulder of Pork 3kg £11.95 Should be £14.97 SAVE £3.02
Pork Chops £3.95/kg

Stewing Beef 3kg pack £23.95 Should be £26.85 SAVE £3.90
Feather Steak (Blade of beef) 3kg £23.95 Should be £26.85 SAVE £3.90
Shin of Beef 3kg £20.95 Should be £26.85 SAVE £3.90
Braising Steak 3kg £24.95 Should be £26.85 SAVE £1.90
Brisket 3kg £26.95 Should be £29.85 SAVE £4.90

Chicken Fillets 900g (av weight) £6.25
Chicken Fillets 1.8kg (av weight) £11.95
Skin on Chicken Fillets 1.8kg (av weight) £10.95
Chicken Legs x 8 £6.99

Plain Back Bacon Sliced 1kg £10.00 Should be £12.99 SAVE £2.99
Smoked Back Bacon Sliced 1kg £12.00 Should be £13.99 SAVE £1.99

3 ITEMS FOR £10.00
Great mid-week quick easy meals

Choose from:
Thai Chicken Stirfry 450g; Spicy Beef Stirfry 450g; Chinese Beef Stirfry 450g
Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce 600g;
4 x Chicken Drumsticks; 4 x Pork Loin Steaks
Beef Stew Cubes 400g; Pork Shoulder Cubes 400g


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